Daily Sketchbook

I’ve been inspired by some amazing artists like August Wren to start a Daily Sketchbook. I find it quite daunting to open up a brand new sketchbook and put pen to paper but, to be able to be free to scribble, paint and doodle doesn’t seem quite as scary. So my daily practice will be to be as openminded as I wish, with any kind of medium, pens, paints, collage whatever takes my fancy on that particular day and create a page of art. I haven’t set a time of day to do my Daily Sketchbook as I find that quite restrictive so I will just go with the flow although, I think it may be an evening practice. The only rule I have set in place is that I can only spend 30 minutes on each day.

I’m usually one of those people who HAS to start things on a Monday or on the 1st of a month (weird I know!) but, I have decided to be a little crazy (lol) and start on any random day of the month which just so happens to be today!

You can see each day on Instagram using the hashtag #dailysketchbook

See my Instagram page for my Daily Sketchbook https://instagram.com/applekaurdesigns/


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