Creativebug Daily Drawing Challenge: 29 Things to Draw

In February I took part in Creativebug’s Daily Drawing Challenge: 29 Things to Draw with Molly Hatch and Heather Ross. I enjoyed it right from day one as the first challenge was to draw an apple with a pencil, something I wouldn’t think of doing as using a pencil to draw with hasn’t been part of my practice for years. So it was a great little exercise to get me out of my comfort zone. The whole 29 days were great for getting me out of my comfort zone and to think outside the box, especially with the blind contour challenges, which I really enjoyed! It was great to be able to draw something as beautiful as a teapot without having to make it look perfect.

As with January’s challenge, which you can read about here, I wasn’t always able to complete the challenge on the da it was set but I always made the time to catch up. I’m glad I did as I have new pieces of work for my portfolio to work with.

What I enjoyed about this course…

  1. the challenges make you think outside the box
  2. I found the blind contour challenges enjoyable and liked the outcomes I produced
  3. I felt accountable to myself and the design community on Instagram to produce work
  4. Instagram is a great platform to share work and get feedback from fellow designers
  5. you are encouraged to use different forms of media e.g. pencils
  6. it’s fun to draw things I usually wouldn’t have the guts to draw (as silly as that sounds)

Hope you enjoy the work I produced and take part in the challenges yourself!

scan1701 scan1702 scan1703 scan1704 scan1705 scan1706 scan1707 scan1708 scan1709 scan1710 scan1712 scan1713 scan1714 scan1715 scan1716 scan1717 scan1718 scan1719 scan1720 scan1721 scan1722 scan1723 scan1724 scan1725 scan1726 scan1727 scan1728 scan1729 scan1730 scan1731