Hi and welcome to Apple Kaur Designs!

Apple Kaur is a UK based surface pattern designer, creating fun and colourful patterns. Most of my patterns are initially created using a hand drawn approach and then digitally enhanced, I work this way as I love the organic process of doodling/illustrating and letting my imagination flow with the rhythm of the pen. I also love the minor imperfections created when drawing by hand, as I feel this adds character to my designs.

I am continuously learning and growing in this beautiful world of Surface Design and I would love for you to follow me on this amazing journey.

Thanks for stopping by and please make sure you keep in touch!

I would welcome any freelance and licensing opportunities, so if you like my work feel free to contact me.


A Few Fun Facts About Me

I love Granny Smith apples.

I’m a vegetarian.

My favourite colour is yellow, specifically a mustard shade.

I love tea but it has to be PG Tips or a fruity herbal tea.

I love sunsets.

I’m always cold.

Beach holidays are my favourite.

I enjoy baking.

I’m a lefty.

I love driving and going on long road trips.

I’ve always used my middle name – Sonia.

I love long haul flights and travelling in general.

I can speak fluent Punjabi.

I’m a Virgo.