In February I took part in Creativebug’s Daily Drawing Challenge: 29 Things to Draw with Molly Hatch and Heather Ross. I enjoyed it right from day one as the first challenge was to draw an apple with a pencil, something I wouldn’t think of doing as using a pencil to draw with hasn’t been part of my practice for years. So it was a great little exercise to get me out of my comfort zone. The whole 29 days were great for getting me out of my comfort zone and to think outside the box, especially with the blind contour challenges, which I really enjoyed! It was great to be able to draw something as beautiful as a teapot without having to make it look perfect.

As with January’s challenge, which you can read about here, I wasn’t always able to complete the challenge on the da it was set but I always made the time to catch up. I’m glad I did as I have new pieces of work for my portfolio to work with.

What I enjoyed about this course…

  1. the challenges make you think outside the box
  2. I found the blind contour challenges enjoyable and liked the outcomes I produced
  3. I felt accountable to myself and the design community on Instagram to produce work
  4. Instagram is a great platform to share work and get feedback from fellow designers
  5. you are encouraged to use different forms of media e.g. pencils
  6. it’s fun to draw things I usually wouldn’t have the guts to draw (as silly as that sounds)

Hope you enjoy the work I produced and take part in the challenges yourself!

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I wanted to set myself some kind of daily art challenge at the start of this year, to help build my portfolio and came across the amazing Lisa Congdon’s “Daily Drawing Challenge: 31 Things to Draw” on Creativebug. I love Lisa’s work and have dabbled in a few of her classes on Creativbug in the past but I have never really finished any of the lessons because I’ve been busy. This time I promised myself that I would stick to this project/class no matter what.

Even when I was busy and missed a day or two I made sure I caught up on each day. When a certain topic made me feel anxious because I felt like I couldn’t draw that object, like chairs and footwear, I pushed myself to give it a go – and I ended up surprising myself with the work I produced (in a good way).

Another thing I promised myself was that I would post my work on social media no matter what I thought of it and I’m so glad I did. The support from everyone taking the course was overwhelming! Getting compliments on my work from fellow artists is such an amazing feeling and appreciating other peoples work and telling them is equally as great.

This course has helped me network with fellow creatives and be part of such an amazing community. We all have the same goal (to find work) yet we are all able to be supportive of one another – it really is a fantastic feeling!

What I learnt from doing a daily challenge?

  1. that I am able to be disciplined to complete a project
  2. not to give up even if I miss a day or two and just catch up
  3. not to compare my work to other peoples and appreciate my own style
  4. that it’s good to try new things
  5. not to stay stuck in my comfort zone and rise to the challenge of drawing new things
  6. share my work on social media even if I don’t think it’s very good
  7. network with fellow creatives

I hope you enjoy my daily drawings!

Daily Drawing Challenge: 31 Things to Draw

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